Nothing But Net Shooting Clinic Spring 2017

Nothing But Net Shooting Clinic Spring 2017

Develop YOUR Perfect Shot

What is “Nothing But Net”?

This skill-specific clinic teaches players to perfect their shot through focused, repetitive drills that help improve their success in shooting.  You have heard that “perfect practice makes perfect performance,” and this could not be truer for a player who strives to become an excellent shooter.  This clinic will teach you the techniques you need to ensure proper form, build muscle memory, and develop an easily repeatable shooting stroke, using good fundamentals.  Each player has a unique shot; however the greatest scorers are constantly working to develop their perfect shot.  Doner Elite is responsible for developing a long line of outstanding shooter’s at the High School, Collegiate, and Pro level. Who’s Next? 

How is the program different from other clinics?

Players receive:

  • Ten weeks of intensive instruction on the fundamentals of shooting with an understanding that every player’s shot is unique and requires individual attention
  • High-level repetition –  form shooting, catch & shoot, shooting off of the dribble and screens
  • Emphasis on the balance, footwork and “shot preparation” needed to create more opportunities for higher percentage shots
  • Challenges and drills designed to help players improve their balance,  footwork and speed of their shot

What are the benefits of the program?

  • Improved confidence, consistency, and form
  • Better balance and footwork
  • Enhanced understanding and ability to knock down shots in game situations
  • Drills that can be easily modified for continued work on your own

Program Specifics:

  • WHO: Boys/Girls 5th – 12th Grades
  • WHEN:  Mondays, 8:00 pm-9:30 pm
  • DATES: March 20th-June 5th
  • WHERE: Rivers School-Weston, MA
  • COST:  $455.00
  • Clinicians: Sam Doner, David Bikofsky, Lex Mongo, Anthony Gurley, Sophie Bikofsky, Helen Ridley, Tim Bollin
  • Space is limited –First come first serve

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