High Level Handle Dribbling Clinic Spring 2017

High Level Handle Dribbling Clinic Spring 2017

Elite Ball Handling is Within Your Reach

What is “High Level Handle Dribbling Clinic”?

Elite ball handlers are not born that way.  The comfort level and confidence that high level ball handlers project is the result of countless hours practicing their craft.  This skill-specific clinic is an opportunity for players not only to hone their ball handling skills, but also work on the practical application of those skills to game situations.  Every player will benefit from the battery of skill, drills and techniques taught with the goal of boosting your confidence and ability to compete at the next level.  In our experience, the self-confidence strong ball handlers’ project is a key to making teams and being noticed by college coaches.  Don’t settle for being “just o.k.” in this area of your game when Elite Ball Handling is within your reach!!

How is the program different from other clinics?

Players receive:

  • Ten 1.5 hour sessions with a heavy concentration on dribbling and ball handling
  • Stationary and “base-building” drills to build confidence and an increased comfort level with the basketball
  • Moves off the dribble – w/a focus not only on change of direction moves but also the more advanced art of changing speeds
  • Finishing at the rim off of dribble drives
  • Techniques and strategies for handling full and half-court pressure
  • Understanding of how to effectively and efficiently use the dribble in game situations
  • Small group breakdown instruction on these fundamental basketball skills
  • Breakdown and skill work to set up and develop Shooting and Passing off of the dribble

What are the benefits of the program?

  • Confidence is key to your success in basketball, and we guarantee you will be more confident in your dribbling and ball handling skills at the conclusion of this program
  • Improved footwork
  • A high variety of steadily progressing drills which players of all skill levels can use on their own to continue their improvement
  • Improved strength and speed in hands and feet
  • Clinicians: Sam Doner, David Bikofsky, Lex Mongo, Anthony Gurley, Sophie Bikofsky, Helen Ridley, Tim Bollin

Program Specifics:

  • WHO: Boys/Girls 5th – 12th Grades
  • WHEN: Mondays, 6:30 pm-8:00 pm
  • DATES: March 20th-June 5th
  • WHERE: Rivers School-Weston, MA
  • COST: $455.00
  • Space is limited -First come first serve

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